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Why I don't trust the media: UFO edition

I have been following with mild interest this whole "Pentagon UFO report" thing. Well, the report is now public, and it was a major letdown. The conclusion mostly says, "There is stuff we observe but can't explain. Shrug." Almost more fascinating to me than a possible vindication of a childhood obsession is how various media outlets distort the report. For example:

Reuters has an article with the headline, "Watershed U.S. UFO report does not rule out extraterrestrial origin."

The Washington Post says, "U.S. unable to explain more than 140 unidentified flying objects, but new report finds no evidence of alien life."

The BBC says, "Pentagon won't rule out aliens in long-awaited UFO report."

A Politico headline reads, "Government report can't explain UFOs, but offers no evidence of aliens."

So a bunch of the headlines imply that there are aliens, and the others imply that there are not aliens.

It's crazy how the various news agencies have taken the same 9 page report and twisted the results just enough to look like they were reading different documents. When you compare headlines, it is easy to see how they do this with everything. It makes the media hard to trust.