It Must Have Happened Like This


Over the White House watercooler, two guys are chatting, Driver and Officer.

Driver: ..I was driving the president, and he's like, "Oh man I want to head over to capitol hill and see what the hell is going on."

Officer: So what'd you do?

Driver: Drove him to the White House like I was supposed to. But he really wanted to go check it out. (smirks) I half thought he was going to jump into the front and grab the steering wheel.

Officer: Lol. He'd have to choke you out first.

Driver: Har!

Hutchinson: (Walks by, overhears pieces of the conversation.) What? The president grabbed the stearing wheel and tried to choke out the driver? I'd better go testify. (Runs to testify.)

Driver: What? That's not what happened at all.

Media: This is DEVASTATING PROOF that the president planned an INSURRECTION.

Posted 06/29/2022